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my name is vashtie. i make stuff. nice to meet you.

An Illustration Of Vashtie With Giant Forearms

When I was in art school I had a dorm neighbor by the name of Chad Coleman. I also have to note that our dorm was a legendary old Hotel (The George Washington) that still housed a few tenants who decided to stay after the hotel became a dorm for art school kids (Dee Dee Ramone had a room there in the 90’s!). I loved it, because the idea of a school campus with regular dorms that I saw on TV did not tickle my fancy.


Chad was an Illustration major and for fun told me he would draw me. I made the request that I not be “sexified” and that instead I have giant forearms. Still not sure why I made that request, but somehow I still think it makes sense.

So. Here it is…

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