i'll tumblr for you...

my name is vashtie. i make stuff. nice to meet you.

axe vashtie…

I am a complete fool, I JUST realized that people can send me messages on this thing.

Anyways, I had an idea. Since peeps ask me questions or seek advice via my Blog and Twitter (and those aren’t really good places for answering things) - I figured this could be the spot where I that.

What do you guys think?

See…now you can tell me!!!

Need advice? Need a question answered? Want to share your art? Axe Vashtie :)


xo, va$htie.

(thanks for informing me that I needed an “ASK BOX” on my page to do this…hahaha, I’m a nerd. http://vashtie.tumblr.com/ask)

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